Karim Hesham is Dubai based advertising photographer. Karim believes, “Less is More” and finds beauty in the simplicities of life. He has an extensive portfolio including fashion & beauty, lifestyle, food & beverages, interior and outdoor photography.

He started working as a graphic designer at the young age of 19. It was his initial passion in graphic design that makes his photography and advertising so successful. With such a diverse background, he is able to provide clients with a well-rounded advertising approach.

In 2008, Karim moved to Dubai, which allowed him the opportunity to shoot the top hotels in the country and throughout the MENA region. Karim takes pride in what he does and treats each company and client with the same dedication that he has for his own company. This dedication is what makes Karim such an asset to the advertising industry.

Karim draws his creative inspiration from traveling. He believes that when you travel you can easily find beauty, art and inspiration hidden in places you would have never thought to check. He believes that, “Art is Everywhere.”

In January 2014, Karim founded L’exposure, a company that is very dear to his heart. L’exposure is a creative advertising agency that provides top class branding, photography & advertising solutions. The company is located in Dubai World Central, United Arab Emirates.